The Magic Show

The Greg Frewin illusion spectacle is a quintessential component of a Niagara Falls vacation. Our show is breath-taking with a Vegas style format and features illusions that are both one of a kind and internationally renowned, performed by the International Grand Champion of Magic, Greg Frewin.

The perfect entertainment destination for any visitor to Niagara Falls, the show has been hailed as a jaw-dropping magic experience and a family friendly entertainment experience. Amongst the notable things to do in Niagara Falls, our show features real tigers including a rare white siberian, and exotic birds from around the globe. These mesmerizing animals are an integral piece of the Greg Frewin Theatre experience.

When you add our VIP Tour to your Niagara Falls itinerary, you will come face to face with a tiger and see the behind the scenes elements of world-class magic, in a never been done before all access pass to our back stage.

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Greg Frewin is currently ranked as The International Grand Champion of Magic, having won every major award offered within the magic community. He has placed first in numerous magic competitions including the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, the Canadian Association of Magicians and the Federation Internationale Society of Magique—widely regarded as the Olympics of magic. His winning streak recently culminated with his 2009 win of the Magician of the Year award at the World Magic awards, effectively ranking him as the world's top illusionist.

In his fifteen-year professional career Frewin has performed live all over the world, from Japan to Monte Carlo, cruise ships on the high seas to the Vegas Strip. He currently performs sold out shows at one of the top Niagara Falls, Ontario attractions; the Greg Frewin Theatre. Frewin has also appeared on over 35 television programs including NBC's World's Greatest Magic, ABC's Champions of Magic and his own three-part CBC special Magic Man: Home for the Holidays.

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Meet The Cast

David DaVinci At The Greg Frewin Theatre

David DaVinci

(Protégé | Understudy - WILD MAGIC Show)

Due to Greg Frewin’s international travel and television performance schedule* there will be times when throughout the calendar year, fellow magician and Thrillusionist™ David DaVinci will step into Greg’s shoes and perform our award-winning WILD Magic show.

David first saw Greg Frewin perform on World’s Greatest Magic back in 1994. The 11 year old DaVinci was awe-inspired and reached out to the International Grand Champion of magic for coaching. Through years of dedication and professional guidance, Greg helped lead David to becoming the youngest magician in history to win the Gold Medal at the Pacific Rim Professional Stage Championship by the age 18.

When David is performing on the Greg Frewin Theatre stage, prepare to be mystified by mind boggling illusions and jaw dropping magic, seamlessly fused with exotic parrots that materialize from thin air. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, and your jaw will hit the floor, as David DaVinci presents his interpretation of the WILD Magic Show through the age-old art of magic and illusions, in “Thrillusionist™!”

Alexandra: Dancer At The Greg Frewin Theatre


Erika: Dancer At The Greg Frewin Theatre



The entire Greg Frewin Theatre Staff works continuesly to ensure that every guest enjoys their visit. Providing friendly, responsive service to create an exceptional dinner theatre experience is our main goal.

We want you to return to the Greg Frewin Theatre again & again.

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