FUNdraising At the Greg Frewin Theatre

FUNdraising through Magic!

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Looking for a fun way to raise money for your association, event, club, team or cause? Greg Frewin Theatre wants to work with you to fundraise for your cause.

Our easy fundraising program is simple and guaranteed to help raise funds for your association.

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There are three options available to fundraise, look each option over, then contact us to set everything up.

The Greg Frewin Theatre fundraising program is simple and guaranteed to help raise funds for your association

Theatre Buy Out

  • * Choose an event date and set the cost
  • * Responsible for selling tickets and collecting funds for that specific date
  • * Theatre Rental: $7,500 + HST (Approximately $13.75 per ticket based on 400 tickets)
  • * Charitable Donation: After the event the Greg Frewin Theatre will write a donation cheque of $2,000 to the association.

Buy A Level

  • * Buy an entire level of tickets at an inclusive reduced price.
  • * Responsible for selling tickets and setting cost.

Unique Promo Code

  • * Association will be given a unique promotional code. Any tickets purchased under this code result in 15% commissionable kick back to the association from ticket sales (before taxes).
  • * Responsible for promoting promo code to drive ticket sales.

Ask about adding tiger photo options or popcorn and drinks to your event booking!

Free Parking. No hidden destination fees. Group logo or message up on video screens in the theatre. We also offer support promotional materials - flyers, postcard, etc.

Ask us - we're here to help!

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  • Phone: Group & Corporate Sales

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    +1 (905) 356-0777 ext. 240

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